On this page you find some information of how to get a job in the group becoming a group member.

Search for PhD/Postdoc with experience in laser spectroscopy

Currently we are looking for a PhD/Postdoc or junior researcher, who is interested to run our laser lab for fs-laser spectroscopy. We are epuiped with a Hamamatsu Universal Streak Camera with Coherent Mira fs Ti:Sa Laser System as excitation source for time-resolved (ps-ms) photoluminescence spectroscopy and a Coherent Mira fs Ti:Sa Laser System with OPA, RegA 9000 for transient absorption spectroscopy with sub-ps time-resolution and ~1µm lateral resolution for the in depth characterization of our organic and perovskite samples.
Please contact us, if you are highly motivated and are interested to join our team for such tasks.

Bachelor and Master projects

We constantly offer research topics for Master- and/or Bachelor thesises in the group. Please visit our webpage on Research to find out, what you are interested in. Just visit us and we can give you more details, what research project will be available:

  • Time resolved laser spectroscopy (working with our fs-laser setup to investigate charge carrier dynamics in our organic/hybrid/perovskite systems)
  • Materials/interface engineering to manipulate the optic/electronic properties of our materials
  • Optoelectronic characterization of metal-oxides, organic semiconductors and perovskites
  • Devices physcis of organic, hybrid and perovskite solar cells

We offer all potential candidates to join one of the PhD students/postdocs in the group to work with them for one day. This helps to find out, whether the research is something for you, especially if you have no previous experience in lab-work.

We are looking forward to your visit.

HiWi and Project practica

We also offer HiWi-Jobs and/or Master students can perform one of the FP projects as project practica in our group. The projects vary and generally support research projects from our current PhD/Postdocs. Students that passed their 3rd term are welcome to apply for a HiWi-Job. They are given out in the same way as Bachelor/Master projects. 

Ph.D. and Postdoc

We usually have no postdoc positions and very limited numbers of PhD positions available in our group. However, we are happy to host excellent and highly skilled students/postdocs, if they are funded by a fellowship. Important is that their proposed research area fits into the current research focus of the group.

If you plan to apply for funding, please first discuss with us, whether we can offer to host you for your planned research. For a successful application for a research fellowship you have to write a research proposal, which needs to convince reviewers. Usually it is a good idea to have a project which combines your experience with new aspects, where the host group is experienced in. This way a collaboration would be beneficial for both sides. Additionally, your proposal needs to be novel by e.g. combining new materials/new methods/new techniques etc., which should be clearly motivated. After reading, the reviewers need to be convinced that you are the best person to perform this proposal, which is exciting, and that you have choosen an ideal host group, so that both sides benefit from this combined research efforts.

Even though we use English for communication of research results, PhD students should be prepared to learn German as they will be involved in teaching, which is mostly in German.

Please find below some links with more information for funding sources. Please also check, whether your country of origin has additional possibilities to apply for funding.