• Interface Processes
    and Spectroscopy

    Time resolved spectroscopy measurements (ps-ms timescale) on donor-acceptor interfaces.

  • Materials Design
    & Device Physics

    We prepare solar cells (organic, hybrid and perovskite) to analyze and manipulate their device properties.

    Image: Gloveboxes for solar cell preparation and measurement in inert (N2) athmosphere.

  • Schmidt-Mende group

    Group photo at the University of Konstanz in 2017. For more information on the current team click on the picture.

  • Book: Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells
    - An Introduction

    This graduate textbook introduces organic and hybrid solar cells, including fabrication issues and device physics. A comparison with conventional solar cells will be given and the specialties of  these emerging solar cells technologies are emphasized. 

  • SPP 2196
    Perovskite semiconductors

    The German Research Foundation is funding a priority program on 'Perovskite Semiconductors: From Fundamental properties to devcies (SPP 2196)' which is supposed to run from 2019-2025 with two funding periods.




Prof. Udo Bach

Prof. Udo Bach is visiting our group this summer (June and August/Sept. 2018)

Nano Prize 2016

Congratulations to Julian for winning the Nano Price 2016!

Further announcements