Julian Kalb

PhD student

E-Mail: Julian.Kalb@...

Phone: 3854

Room: P910

Research Interests

On the occasion of winning the Nano-Prize 2016, a short movie has been prepared to present my work to a general audience. You can watch the movie here: Nano-prize (in German only).

Titanium dioxide is an important material for a multitude of appropriations in different branches of industry. Especially its semiconducting character is quite useful for many electronic applications. Thereby nanowires made of titanium dioxide are playing more and more a decisive role in modern fields of application like photocatalysis, gas-sensing, semiconductor devices and dye-sensitized solar cells. To improve the performance of titanium dioxide nanowires used in electronic devices, it is essential to investigate the charge transport characteristics and lifetime of charge carriers in these nanostructures.

My research focuses on the control and effects of different properties which are supposed to have an impact on the charge transport and the lifetime of charge carriers in titanium dioxide nanowires. Because of the semiconducting character, both, electrons and holes, are playing along in the charge transport. E.g. electrons and holes can be reflected by domain walls or even recombine there. While doping can increase the number of charge carriers significantly, impurities and vacancies can trap charge carriers and act as recombination centers. Futhermore these deviations of an ideal crystal are supposed to be distinctive differently in the bulk and on the surface of a nanowire. To distinguish between collective and non-collective properties of titanium dioxide nanowires, arrays as well as single nanowires are used as study subjects.

Curriculum vitae

  • 1983 born in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
  •  2008 internship at Daimler AG, R&D, fuel cell mobility, Nabern, Germany
  •  2011 Diploma in physics, University of Konstanz, Germany
  •  since 2012 PhD student at the University of Konstanz


E. Zimmermann, T. Pfadler, J. Kalb, J. A. Dorman, D. Sommer, G. Hahn, J. Weickert, L. Schmidt-Mende, Advanced Science 2015, 2, n/a.