The physics of organic and hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells

 Date and times:

3 introductional lectures: Mo 11.45-13.15

  • 23.10.2017: Introduction to Seminar, Motivation, Semiconductors
  • 06.11.2017: Semiconductors and Solar Cells
  • 13.11.2017: How to prepare a good scientific talk, Seminar topics (distribution of topics)

Lab tour if interested

Seminar as Blockseminar planned in December/January

dates: 17.12.2017 and 20./21.01.2018

 In this seminar following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction into organic, hybrid, and perovskite solar cells
  • Different architectures of these solar cells
  • Background on physical characterization tools
  • Physics of organic electronics and organic inorganic interfaces
  • Aspects of solar cell device physics: The role of exciton separation, charge recombination, charge transfer states, charge transport, etc.
  • Recent developments in the field.

We are open for additional topics!

The seminar is complementing the lecture held in summer terms. It will focus on examples from the recent literature on this topic. The introductional topics are mainly for students, which have not participated in the lecture.

Background in solid state physics is assumed. As background information you can look at our book.

Material for seminar

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