The physics of organic and hybrid solar cells

This lecture addresses master students of Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science with strong background in solid state physics. In this lecture I will introduce organic, hybrid and perovskite solar cells, including device physics and fabrication issues. A comparison with conventional solar cells will be given and the specialties of these emerging solar cells technologies are emphasized. A significant part of the lecture will be used to introduce recent literature and state-of-the-art research of the field. The lecture will contain following topics:

  • Introduction - Motivation for Renewable Energies - in particular Solar Cells
  • Semiconductors and Junctions
  • Working Mechanisms of Organic, Hybrid and Perovskite Solar Cells and other Semiconductor Devices
  • Characterization Techniques
  • Fabrication and Device Lifetime
  • Examples from Literature

Dates & Times

Lecture: Mo 15.15, Thu: 08.15-9.45

Exercise class: Mo 10.00-11.30 or 11.45-13.15

  • We will start the lecture (starting on Thur 13th April 2023 at 08.15)
  • Excercise group: Every Mo starting with a short meeting on Mo 17 April

Dates and times might change after discussion with participants in the first week of term (Thu 8.15, 13th April 2023)


Material for lecture

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