Current projects


Porous supercrystals by biomimetic structure-forming from polar nanoparticles and their application in efficient solar cells (SuperSol)

Project in collaboration with the group of Prof. Polarz.

ERA Net:

Hydrogen Production Through Photovoltaic Energy

(International project with Dr. G. Mousids (National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece)(coordinator), Prof. J. Feldmann (LMU-Munich, Germany), Prof. Y. Abid (Unviersity of Sfax, Tunisia)

You can download the flyer of the project in English and German language.


Highly efficient printed (>17%) perovskit solar cells (MesoPIN)

 (In collaboration with Dr. A. Hinsch, Insitute for solar energy systems (ISE) (coordinator), Prof. H. Hillebrecht (University of Freiburg), Prof. M. Thelakkat (University of Bayreuth), Dr. S. Meier (Opvius), Jürgen Person (Thieme))

DFG: SFB 1214

TP B1: Mesocrystals: Formation, structure and properties


Correlation of growth, structure, optical and electronic properties of novel Nb3O7(OH) and Nb2O5 nanostructures

In collaboration with Prof. Chr. Scheu, MPI-Düsseldorf.